Hi. I’m Neslihan Kazdal.

Born on 1974 in Istanbul, I studied Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bosphorus University, followed by International Marketing in American University of Paris. I worked in advertising for 14 years, and I quit professional life in 2010.

My interest with the skies goes back to my childhood. I was always in awe of space, planets, outer worlds and life. Sci-fi would drive me closer to this mysterious world and was a great field of inspiration. I was also interested in learning new languages, which I studied as a vocation in college, ‘forming a bridge between two’.

As I began taking astrological consultations myself back in professional life, the skies and the human soul connected within me. They were embodied on this earth, at this moment. And this symbolic language opened the doors of new worlds, forming new bridges.

I started taking private lessons on psychological astrology in 2011. I completed beginner and advanced level classes in 2 years, and began giving private consultations. I took supervision for interpretation and consultation skills, along with professional assistance. Along the way, astrology opened up new fields such as psychology, literature, creative writing, yoga and meditation. I still continue nourishing and supporting myself with conferences, seminars and education programs.

I also have a personal blog which is as valuable as astrology is for me, where I write about inner contemplations, and sometimes through astrological lenses. I love writing.

I’m a practising astrologer since 2013 and hold one-to-one private consultations. I focus on the soul’s potentials and try to bring a holistic approach to my clients. I aim to open and hold a consultation space where we converse without interference, judgement and with objectivity.

Some of the astrological and related education programs and conferences I have attended are:

  • UAC (United Astrology Conference) / New Orleans, USA / May 2012

  • Mundane Astrology / Nick Campion / Istanbul TR / March 2013

  • Creative Writing / Murat Gülsoy / Istanbul TR / April-June 2015
  • Jungian Psychology / Dr. Avi Goren Bar / Istanbul TR / April-May 2016

  • Dream Process Work / Marianne Sinner-Stephan Müller / Istanbul TR / November 2016

  • Astro Fun Fest / Istanbul TR / November 2016

  • UAC (United Astrology Conference) / Chicago, USA / May 2018

  • One Thousand Faces of Gestalt / Safir Yaşam Atölyesi / Istanbul TR / November-December 2018

  • Astronomy for Astrologers / Maurice Fernandez / Istanbul TR / November 2018
  • Part of Lot & Part of Spirit / Meira Epstein / Istanbul TR / December 2018

  • Hard Aspects, Solar Arc Directions & Astrolocality / Frank Clifford / Istanbul TR – April 2019

  • OPA Peer Group Process / Athens, Greece / September 2019

  • Hellenic Astrological Symposium / Athens, Greece / September 2019

  • Synastry, Outer Planets & Mundane Astrology / Wendy Stacey / Istanbul TR / October 2019

  • 4th House: Grave or Treasure? / Barış İlhan / Istanbul TR / October 2019
  • Venus Star Point / Arielle Guttman / Istanbul TR / November 2019
  • Electional Astrology / Frank Clifford / Online / April 2020
  • Astronomy for Astrologers / Wade Caves / Online / May 2020
  • Rectification / Deborah Morgan / Online / May 2020
  • 52nd Astrological Association 2020 Conference / Online / June 2020
  • Relationship Astrology / Frank Clifford / Online / July-August 2020


  • Online Diploma Course / Mayo School of Astrology / February 2020 – …

Please email me for private consultations.